UROC was organized in l963 when Sen. Barry Goldwater was running for president. At that time the entire Republican establishment in California, including the State Central Committee, its Chairman, and every statewide Republican volunteer organization (including the CA Republican Assembly) were supporting Nelson Rockefeller.

Stalwart Republican conservative Assemblymen Bruce Reagan and Joe Shell decided something must be done so they assembled a group of distinguished Californians and with them incorporated UNITED REPUBLICANS OF CALIFORNIA, independent of and outside of any control by the Republican State Central Committee. We owe them a great debt of gratitude for with soundness of purpose, they established an organization tied down to Constitutional principles with a magnificent "Statement of Principles" beginning with: "God is the source of the rights and freedoms of the individual, and the responsibility of government is to protect and preserve these rights and freedoms." These principles still hold today some 38 years later despite major departure from them by the Republican Party and its leadership.

Thus United Republicans of California (UROC) was launched to be the base for traditional constitutional Republicans in California and for the promotion of the presidential candidacy of Barry Goldwater. Virtually overnight UROC exploded in membership far exceeding the membership of all other statewide Republican volunteer organizations, such that it successfully backed Barry Goldwater carrying him to victory in the California Presidential Primary over Nelson Rockefeller. It was a virtual miracle and demonstrates what can be done with soundness of purpose and principle.

Later it was UROC that backed John Ashbrook for President, and gathered the signatures to get him on the Ballot to counteract the leftist policies of Nixon’s Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. Still later it was at a huge San Marino UROC Unit meeting that Ronald Reagan announced that he intended to run for governor and it was through the concerted statewide efforts of UROC that he was elected.

Today UROC continues in the forefront of the Americanist movement to restore Constitutional government, Christian morality, America's sovereignty and its Defense against those who would abandon it and its military to an atheist "new world order" socialist-communist United Nations tyranny, where our treasured Constitution, and God given freedom would be lost forever. All that needs to be done today to save our Nation is for Americans to join again in purpose and cooperation to elect and support candidates who believe in and will fight for restoration and adherence to our great Constitution, and its defense against all enemies domestic or foreign.

UROC has a motto: "Every Member a lobbyist for the U.S. Constitution" and is today the conscience of the Republican Party and the home of traditional Republicanism. Its principles are those necessary for the survival of America. May it again be the base for redirecting the Republican Party and our Nation back to Independence, Constitutional Government and Christian Morality. With your help, together we can do it again!

 State Co-Chairman , May 19, 2001